experimental / music / web design / Flash

Major project for the last year of my Interactive Multimedia & Design course at University of Ulster in Belfast, Northern Ireland (in partnership with my Master 2 in Digital Creation & Edition at University Paris 8, France).


nosfeel is an experimental sonorous project associating 2 concepts:
-The music of Nosfell, a French singer who invented his own language based on feelings: the Klokobetz. Actually he uses the most relevant tone, the best vocal representation of the emotions he wants his audience to feel.
-The psychologist Robert Plutchik’s theory of basic emotions in which he assumes we have eight native basic emotions that developed evolutionary, all other emotions deriving from these feelings.
nosfeel lets you use your keyboard as a musical instrument, setting off background sounds & Klokobetz words taken from the song “jaün sev’zul” (pomaie klokochazia balek, V2 Music, 06/05).


– Flash AS2
– Illustrator
– Cubase

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