Valerie Phillips

Flash / HTML / CSS / photography / portfolio

Farrow Design have created a beautifully simple site for Manhattan born, London based photographer Valerie Phillips. The brief was to keep things as simple & intuitive as possible, letting the pictures do the talking.
Valerie Phillips published her first book in 2001. When she’s not making books, she’s shooting bands for record labels, & images for magazines & advertising clients who want honest pictures of amazing people, clothes & places. In between shoots, Valerie is also the co-founder of Cherryvale skateboard company, an ongoing art project that acts as a receptacle for stray thoughts & ideas that don’t find their way into her regular working schedule.
Developed for Underwaterpistol, a Northern Irish web design agency for visual artists, photographers, stylists, models, hair and make-up artists.


Website with dynamic backgrounds.


– Flash
– ActionScript 3
– Textmate

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