experimental / Flash / award

Webjam competition for the 2005 e-magiciens multimedia festival: the European Meetings of the young digital creation in Valenciennes, France.
Theme of the festival: The skin.
Theme of the webjam: « The nodal skin of networks: which skins for a virtual world? »
Time given to create the project: 3 days & 3 nights.


« What the fuck? » (WTF) is the first question that comes in the interactor mind in front of this work. Throughout this experience, he becomes a kind of medical examiner in front of an unknown body, a cells surface apparently alive & linked together, networked, ones having an influence on the others.
The mankind evolution perspectives made us imagining a fusion between the digital & the organic world. This project can be an answer to this question.
Human skin iconography or real skin presence for a virtual organism? What does it reveal? Real or unreal body? It’s in touching, pulling, injecting, listening, cutting & spreading that the user will understand its meanings.


– Flash
– ActionScript 2
– Maya
– Audition

This is an award winning experimental project as it won the webjam competition.

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